• The Essential Guide to Removing Common Stains from Your Ties

    Wearing a suit makes a statement about you, and a tie is your way of personalising the outfit. Some ties can be an expensive investment -- you want to take care of them so they'll last you for years. Because of where they sit, directly down from your mouth, accidents can happen. Dry cleaning is the most efficient way of removing stains from your ties. However, if you don't want to be running back and forth to the dry cleaners every time you get something on your tie, try the following stain removal tips for 5 of the most likely stains. [Read More]

  • Your First Spray Tan: Top Tips

    Want to look bronzed for a special occasion or just want to give your body a head start for the summer? A spray tan is a perfect way to get even, natural looking colour.  But what can you expect from your first spray tan and how can you make the most of your treatment?  Before the appointment The night before your appointment, take the time to thoroughly exfoliate your skin to make your skin more receptive to the treatment. [Read More]

  • Hairdressing Furniture | 3 Ways To Turn Your Salon Chair Into A Profit Maker

    If you're looking to break into the hairdressing market, you'll know how tough competition is, especially with people looking for both talent and value for money. While overlooked by many salon owners, the reality is that your hairdressing furniture can have a direct impact on your profitability because customers want a good overall hairdressing experience. Here's what you need to do to turn your salon chair into your meal ticket for profitable success. [Read More]

  • Choosing a scent for your next body massage

    Scented massage oils can help enhance the experience of a body massage. The right scent or blend can relax, stimulate or transform your mood. Here some ideas of scents you might like to try for your next massage.  Relaxation For relaxing massages, people often opt for lavender, which is known for it's relaxing effects. Light florals can be great options including jasmine which is often used for people who are stressed and uptight and chamomile which is great for relaxation. [Read More]

  • Hairdressing Supplies | 4 Ideal Features To Look For When Buying A Hairdryer For Your Salon

    Running a salon means that you will need to have the right hairdressing supplies to boost the services offered by your business. If you're looking to buy a hairdryer for your salon, then you'll naturally want something that delivers both value and performance. This guide is designed to help you identify certain must-have features when buying a hairdresser for your salon. Choose Ceramic And Tourmaline Technology For Your Hairdryer [Read More]

  • Ideas To Help You Choose The Best Corporate Uniform

    Corporate uniforms communicate loads of information to your clients and potential customers. Your company's uniform should be appealing and comfortable for your employees, as well. Below are key factors you can consider to ensure that your company's uniform create the right image for your business, and also make employees happy and comfortable. The Right Design Pay attention to the nature of work all employees do on a daily basis. You will realize the right type of dressthat will enable employees to work without unnecessary hindrances. [Read More]

  • Kissable Features: 3 Makeup Tips for Plumper Looking Lips

    The media has been raving about plump lips all year, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner using lip fillers to achieve that look. But you don't have to turn to fillers and lip injections. In fact, it's easy to make your lips look plumper than usual with these makeup tricks. Line Lips with a Nude Liner Nude liners are a necessity for those looking to draw in plumper looking lips. The liners will not only help define the shape of your lips, but nude liners will give your lips the illusion of being a bit bigger. [Read More]