• Tips for Dealing with Eye Bags

    A number of people suffer from eye bags and they have no clue what caused them or how they can get rid of them. Most women will resort to using concealer, but this is only a temporary fix as it only camouflages the colour of the eye bags. Others may opt for anti-ageing treatments in an attempt to alleviate them. All these are viable ways of either hiding or treating the eye bags. [Read More]

  • Bikini Line Hair Removal - Laser versus Waxing

    If you're thinking about heading to the beach this summer and you're intending to wear a swimsuit, you'll probably be wondering what to do about your bikini line.  Keeping this sensitive area tidy and free from those embarrassing 'spiders' legs' by shaving can be such a hassle, and that's why many women consider waxing or laser hair removal treatments instead.  So, which is the best option?  Here's a comparison two of the most popular hair removal techniques: laser hair removal and waxing. [Read More]