Your First Spray Tan: Top Tips

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Want to look bronzed for a special occasion or just want to give your body a head start for the summer? A spray tan is a perfect way to get even, natural looking colour.  But what can you expect from your first spray tan and how can you make the most of your treatment? 

Before the appointment

The night before your appointment, take the time to thoroughly exfoliate your skin to make your skin more receptive to the treatment. Make sure not to use oily products or leave your skin feeling greasy as this may prevent the tan from being absorbed into your skin properly. On the day, do not wear perfume, deodorant or makeup as this may interfere with the contact of the pigment with your skin. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to your appointment as tight fitting clothes and shoes may absorb the pigment. Similarly, consider which underwear to wear as, if you wear underwear for the tan you want to prevent unusual tan lines and if you opt for a nude tan, the  colour is likely to transfer. 

At the appointment 

Inform your technician about any areas of dry or broken skin which may need special attention. You should also let them know any skin allergies you may have. Decide whether you will be nude or topless for your tan or if you will wear underwear. Follow the technician's directions, stand as directed  and be sure not to let your thighs touch or you inner arm brush against your torso as this can take off the tan. Once the tan has been applied you will need to wait in your pose for ten minutes to allow the solution to dry. After this, you can relax in a loose robe for a further 20 mins to half an hour before getting dressed to leave the salon. When your tan is touch dry you should be OK to go. 

Back home 

Do not engage in any activities that will cause you to perspire or get wet for the rest of the day. This will allow the tan to set. This includes washing your hands. If necessary, use wipes or dry tissues. It is best to relax as much as possible during this time to allow the tan to dry evenly.  If you go to bed or sit for long periods of time during these drying hours, then be sure to protect light coloured upholstery fabric or sheets by spreading darker sheets on top to avoid colour transfer.  If you wish to know more about spray tanning, you should contact a beauty salon.