Hairdressing Furniture | 3 Ways To Turn Your Salon Chair Into A Profit Maker

Posted on: 29 July 2016

If you're looking to break into the hairdressing market, you'll know how tough competition is, especially with people looking for both talent and value for money. While overlooked by many salon owners, the reality is that your hairdressing furniture can have a direct impact on your profitability because customers want a good overall hairdressing experience. Here's what you need to do to turn your salon chair into your meal ticket for profitable success. 

Make Seating Comfort A Priority

When customers walk into your salon for a haircut or style, they obviously want to feel as comfortable as possible, so your hairdressing furniture must reflect that. A comfortable salon chair with ample cushioning and soft seating emphasises luxury. This shows your customers that you're not afraid to back yourself and your talent, while putting their comfort at the heart of your business. On the other hand, a hard and prickly salon chair shows that you didn't care enough about their comfort. This uncomfortable experience may result in them never coming back to your salon. If budget is a key factor for you, try to look for the most comfortable and luxurious chair within your desired price range without picking just anything for the sake of starting your business.

Let Your Salon Chair Pop Character Into Your Salon

While you may be tempted to choose plain, neutral coloured salon chairs to blend into your salon, don't be afraid to choose a bright salon chair that pops life into your otherwise simple space. Keep in mind that the idea of a bright chair works well against neutral colours because of the stark contrast it provides. If your salon wall colours are already bright, then you may want to choose a more neutral coloured chair because the idea is to create contrasting appeal between your salon chair and décor without making the space look garish. Well-planned salons are usually more profitable because people tend to be drawn to visually appealing spaces. Of course, don't forget that your hair cutting talent is just as important.

Make Sure You Have No Maintenance Woes

No customer wants to sit in something that looks grimy and unclean — especially with a concoction of mousse, gel and dye creating an unsightly mess. So if you don't take care to maintain your salon chair, then you're probably going to lose a lot of customers. When you spend all your time growing your salon business, sometimes salon chair maintenance is the furthest thing on your mind. Circumvent this problem by choosing a low maintenance chair in the first place. If you're looking for low maintenance, stay sway from cloth fabric and veer towards easy-to-clean materials like vinyl, which simply needs a quick wipe down.

Your hairdressing furniture can sometimes be just as vital as your talent. Pay attention to these factors to turn your salon chair into a profit maker.