Choosing a scent for your next body massage

Posted on: 6 April 2016

Scented massage oils can help enhance the experience of a body massage. The right scent or blend can relax, stimulate or transform your mood. Here some ideas of scents you might like to try for your next massage. 


For relaxing massages, people often opt for lavender, which is known for it's relaxing effects. Light florals can be great options including jasmine which is often used for people who are stressed and uptight and chamomile which is great for relaxation. Woody scents can also be relaxing, including pine, sandalwood, and cedars. Vanilla is often used to balance these scents, as the soft sweetness of the base provides a long lasting comforting effect for the scent and often has positive connotations of warmth and love from childhood cooking. 


Many people opt for citrus or mint blends when trying to boost moods and energy. These can be combined in different ways, as some people prefer the stronger citrus of lemons and limes while others like a subtle citrus scent such as blood orange or mandarin. Another stimulating option can be herbal scents such as cinnamon and frankincense, which are often used for clarity and focus. Natural scents such as eucalyptus can also be useful for stimulating the muscles and can be great for athletes with general soreness. 

Focus and mood 

Some people find that massage is useful for focusing their energy. Rosemary is a common choice for a focusing massage as the scent is linked to memory and mental performance. More mature and stronger floral scents such as rose can also be a beautiful base for focusing massage. Many people also enjoy more robust herbal notes for a focusing massage, such as pepper, basil, and parsley (just try to control the tummy rumbles!). 

Some users also find traditional scents such as patchouli and frankincense can be combined with sharper scents such as lemongrass and juniper berry to create balanced essential oils that help both remove stress and stimulate the mind. 

The specific effects of each scent on different people depends on your own body chemistry and your own memories. Scents are strongly linked to your own memories and experiences, so different scents can have different effects on people depending on the events you connect with those smells. Next time you have a body massage think about trying a new scented body oil to see the effect that the smells have on your mood!