Hairdressing Supplies | 4 Ideal Features To Look For When Buying A Hairdryer For Your Salon

Posted on: 31 March 2016

Running a salon means that you will need to have the right hairdressing supplies to boost the services offered by your business. If you're looking to buy a hairdryer for your salon, then you'll naturally want something that delivers both value and performance. This guide is designed to help you identify certain must-have features when buying a hairdresser for your salon.

Choose Ceramic And Tourmaline Technology For Your Hairdryer

If your goal is to ensure smooth hair for all your customers, then make sure you look for hairdryers with ceramic and tourmaline technology. Ceramic technology enables better control of hairdryer heat, so that it ends up distributing heat more evenly across hair for a smoother finish. Tourmaline helps to smooth out hair by retaining moisture and sealing hair cuticles using negative ions and infrared heat. Combined, these technologies are able to effectively combat frizz while giving your client's hair moisture for a healthy look with minimal damage.

Choose Higher Power Hairdryers

Power is perhaps the single-most vital feature when it comes to choosing a professional hairdryer because it can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to dry hair, allowing you to cater to more customers in the course of your workday. Look for higher wattage hairdryers because their reduced drying time will also cause considerably less damage to hair follicles.

Make Sure The Hairdryer Comes With Add-On Attachments

If you're looking for full performance hairdressing supplies, then be sure to look for add-on attachments with the hairdryer. For smooth hair, the hairdryer should ideally come with a concentrated nozzle attachment. This helps to direct the airflow, so that it blows directly on specific hair areas for a smooth effect. For curly hair, a diffuser attachment is ideal because it helps to spread out the airflow to emphasise the curly effect.

Look For A Cool Shot Button

A cool shot button is one of the best features of a hairdryer because it helps you set hairstyles more easily. This cool shot button helps to seal hair cuticles, while creating long-lasting hold for hair. It works to cool down hair, while locking in the desired hairstyle for the least amount of damage. This is especially useful when you're setting specific hairstyles for events and functions. For example, if you're using a round brush to create more bounce and volume, then the cool shot button will set this hairstyle after hair dries without harming hair cuticles.

Buying the right hairdressing supplies for your salon business will help to enhance your productivity and profitability –– look for these ideal features to get the most value from your hairdryer.