Kissable Features: 3 Makeup Tips for Plumper Looking Lips

Posted on: 23 October 2015

The media has been raving about plump lips all year, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner using lip fillers to achieve that look. But you don't have to turn to fillers and lip injections. In fact, it's easy to make your lips look plumper than usual with these makeup tricks.

Line Lips with a Nude Liner

Nude liners are a necessity for those looking to draw in plumper looking lips. The liners will not only help define the shape of your lips, but nude liners will give your lips the illusion of being a bit bigger. This is because darker colours actually flatten the shape of your lips and make them look smaller in size. Find a nude liner that is just a bit lighter than your natural skin tone for the best results possible.

Create Dimensions with Different Hues of Lipsticks

Just like how you would contour your face in order to sculpt out shadows, the same can be done with lipstick. You can easily create the illusion of enhanced dimensions using different hues of lipstick. Apply a darker shade of lipstick to the corner of your lips. This will act as a shadow and bring the corner of your lips to the background.

Then, apply a lighter hue of lipstick near the middle where your cupid's bow is. The lighter hue will give the illusion of light bouncing off of your lips. Make sure you blend the different lipstick hues together. You don't want to be able to see where one hue ends and one hue starts.

Apply Gloss Overtop

Once you've added some colour to your lips, it's time for the finishing touch – adding on a layer of gloss. The reflective properties of gloss will enhance the way that light is bouncing off of your lips. It also attracts more attention to the lips. All in all, applying a layer of gloss overtop will help create the illusion of larger, plumper lips. The gloss will also help seal in the lip color for longer lasting wear. Some lip glosses contain chemical agents that will actually plump up your lips temporarily.


Makeup can help enhance your features and alter the shape and size of different facial features. You don't need lip injections or even fillers to achieve the look that you desire. All you need are the right makeup skills, techniques and supplies. There are plenty of makeup courses, such as those at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College, that can help you learn how to master these skills and determine which cosmetics to use in certain situations.